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Online casino has many advantages in comparison to land-based one. However, in spite of all pluses people like online casino because it offers much more games than the real one. In online casino you may find not only such famous games as Blackjack, Roulette, Slots or Craps but also many others. Each game has its odds and payouts. Casino games best odds depend on the type of bets, on strategies, paylines etc.

Precise games overview

All games may be divided into: random number games, table games and electronic machines.

  • The most popularity slot machines enjoy, because they are simple in usage and give fast results. Slots do not require any skills; therefore can be played without any special background. There are many variations of slots Straight slots, Progressive slots, Bonus slots. Your win will depend on the quantity of paylines and coins. The more coins you insert the more there is a winning chance.
  • In contrast to slots Blackjack is a game of skills. It requires serious preparation because of various card counting systems. This game has the lowest house edge and it can be beaten with the help of major strategies. If you would like to play Blackjack, try your forces in free online casino first.
  • Roulette is somewhere in the middle between slots and blackjack as it has no strategy but requires complete understanding of all betting types. Comparing American and European roulette I would recommend you to play the last one, because it has lowest house advantage. All bets in roulette are divided into inside and outside. Outside bets have small payouts but high winning odds.
  • Craps is a little complicated game, because of numerous betting fields and options. None strategy can be applied to this game. It is even hard to tell which betting filed is more advantageous, because the result varies due to the value of dice.
  • Baccarat isn't difficult but may be referred to game of luck. It has three betting fields: Player, Banker and Tie. The last one has the lowest probability, I would say miserable, and therefore there is no sense to bet on it. Player bet has 5% commission from the winning amount.

Before choosing the game, pay your attention to the odds and payouts, especially if your goal is to gain some profit and not just to have a fun.


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