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You might apprehend that some of the biggest winners in the casino are the professional and experienced poker players. However, you are wrong. Most of the winners are ordinary people who are just like us. They might not bet on $100 slots, but they still managed to win millions. Most of these players won some sort of Megabucks Jackpot, which typically starts from seven million dollars and continues growing. Below we have listed some of these radical winners.

Elmer Sherwin

At 92 years of age, Mr. Sherwin had managed to win the jackpot twice. Initially, he won $4.6 million and 16 years later he managed to win another $21 million. Both of these were progressive slot Mega jackpots which he won in a casino in Vegas. Mr. Sherwin had travelled the world when he won the first jackpot and now he has decided to donate the installments of his jackpot winnings to the victims who were affected in Hurricane Katrina.

Amy Nishimura

After spending $100 on slots, this Hawaii 71 year old lady managed to hit it big during her vacation in Las Vegas. She won $8.9 million of a Megabucks Jackpot by playing at Freemont Hotel. The Megabucks jackpot is a linked jackpot which can be played in 150 casinos in and around Nevada.

$39.7 million is the largest jackpot that was ever won; by a 25 years old man, who lived in Los Angeles and who was then there to visit a NCAA basketball tournament.

All of these winners were not professional gamblers; they were ordinary people who dared to dream big.

More names?

There are numerous winners, but naming all of them is a tedious task. Therefore, we have mentioned only some of the winners below.

  1. Nancy H. - Amount won by her: $198,585.76 dated 21st March 2008 at the casino of Fortune Room.
  2. K.E- Amount won by him: $5,556,753.68 dated 18th April 2008 at the casino of Blackjack Ballroom.
  3. J.M- Amount won by him: $401,405.30 dated 5th October 2006 at the casino of Captain Cooks.
  4. Yves G. - Amount won by him: €587,314 dated 19th April 2008 in the casino of Tropez.
  5. Angele L- Amount won by her: €464,000 dated 3rd March 2008 at the casino of Tropez.
  6. Ulrike H- Amount won by her: €113,174 dated 25th February 2008 at the casino of Tropez.
  7. Stefanie G- Amount won by her: €113,174 dated 22nd December 2007 at the casino of Tropez.

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