Casino Luck, a new online casino, is becoming one of the best known online gambling sites among the best players. They hail themselves as the Modern Web 2.0 version of other gambling sites, and try to hold themselves to a higher standard with this distinction than other sites do.

Fortunately for players, there are a wide variety of games that Casino Luck has available, catering to the players of all kinds of different games. Boasting exciting video slots that are both unique, as well as fun to play, as well as slots that allow players to win exponentially on their normal spins, there are many ways that Casino Luck is ahead of the pack.

In addition to their fun slots, there are also a wide variety of table, as well as specialty games, including some that can be found online on this site.

Despite their modern website, as well as their exclusive games, the support side of Casino Luck may be a bit lacking. Unlike most other sites, there is no option for a truly ‘live chat’: either through the website with a live person, or over the phone. Players are given the suggestion to request help either over email, or through an online form that states their problem. However, the site does promise to respond to messages within 24 hours, which seems to be working, given their lack of bad press about the issue.

Their edge from other gambling sites seems to be both in their fast withdrawal times, as well as their responsibility to safe gambling. Casino Luck is one of the only sites that allows players exhibiting compulsive gambling behaviors to self-exclude themselves from games, either for a month or six months, and not allowing players to return until that time is up. They also keep lists of resources for those that are struggling with gambling addiction on their site, along with positive messages for gamers. Their withdrawal times, as well are phenomenal for their site- often bank withdrawals will take between four and six days, with many players noting that it is more an average of three days.


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