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As an online gambler, you will be exposed to numerous online casinos. However, before you hastily join any casino for the real player's account, it is important that you look-out for the five essential things in them. Read on to find what they are.

A Casino's reputation

Checking the reputation of an online casino prior to joining - it is extremely important. A casino which has a bad reputation must be avoided at all cost. You certainly wouldn't want to engage in legal hassles with the casino after you win. To check the reputation of any online casino, you can check different forums as well as review sites where players post their comments. The comments of experienced players are invaluable in deciding which casino has good reputation. If you happen to find any negative comments on a particular online casino, then you must certainly avoid it. This will protect your money from being lost.

The Casino's Payout Percentage

A payout percentage refers to the total amount of the player's betted money which is returned to the player in terms of percentage. This percentage is usually published on the online casinos website; however make sure that the payout rate is verified by a reliable third party prior to signing up in that casino. Besides, publishing the accumulated payout percentage rate, many casinos also offer the payout rate of the individual games. You must try to sign-up in an online casino that offers the highest payout.

Superior Customer Support

Online casinos that promptly respond to the queries of their players are undoubtedly more responsible. This means such casinos actually care about the players. Some of the best casinos have the quickest customer service offered, which means you can find help whenever you need it the most. Testing a customer support service of a casino beforehand is highly advisable.

The Banking Methods

Before you join any specific casino make sure that the casino offers a deposit and withdrawal method suitable to you. The Visa Card and the Master Credit Cards are the widely offered methods. You can also look for other suitable options.


Although, checking the bonuses is the least important criteria, it is still important if you have compiled a list of the best casinos. If you deposit money in a casino that does not offer bonuses, then you are invariably facing greater risk. When an online casino provides you with a bonus, then you can start playing with that money. This ensures that any early losses are covered by the casinos money and not yours.


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