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For a newcomer in a casino, determining house edge could be quite daunting. "House edge" refers to the percentage of the players total bet that a casino keeps. For instance, if average amount betted by players is $100, out of which $5 is lost. That particular casino's edge is 5%; the sum of money that a casino will always make. However, often this amount varies according to the particular casino, a specific bet or even from one bet to another. Therefore, knowing the edge of a specific casino is not enough; a player also needs to predict the edge of individual games as well.


This is the most renowned game in a casino, primarily due to the fact that it gives the casino minimal amount of edge, which ranges between 0.1% - 3%. However, a lot also depends on your skill as well as the rules of the casino in which you play. If you're an experienced player, then things would be a lot easier.


Investing your betting money on Craps is a good option, provided that you know the rules of the game properly. You need chance more than anything else in the game of craps. You must know when you must bet and when to avoid it. Most of the craps bets could be disastrous for the player, but do not worry, you can always rely on the pass and come bet. This type of bet gives the house an edge equivalent to 1.41%. Conversely, you can also consider bidding on the don't pass/ don't come bet. By bidding on such bets you are actually going against the craps table, when others lose you win. The casino edge of such bets is around 1.36%. When you go against the crap table, remember that the outcome of these bets is quite uncertain.

You should also consider bidding on odd bets, as they lower the casino edge to a significant degree. For instance, if the odd bet amount is equivalent to the original amount betted by you, then house edge decreases to a meager 0.85%. If the odd bet is twice the amount betted by you, then the casino edge falls up to 0.61%. These bets are the only type of bets which you should consider making in a game of craps.


This simple game of 18 black and 18 red slots on a wheel begins by dropping a ball on the roulette wheel and spinning it. The players are required to bet on the particular slot on which the ball is expected to fall. The probability of a red and black slot, have equal chances of appearing. This does not necessarily mean that the chances of you winning are even, it certainly is not even. The uneven chances of you winning the roulette game, results from the existence of a separate zero slot in the wheel.


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