Online casino introduction

Real casinos are not as popular as online ones. Moreover, in some countries land-based casinos are restricted by the law. In online casinos gambling is much more comfortable and advantageous. It has next main pluses:

  • You may gamble staying at home or wherever you like
  • It allows to gain knowledge and experience playing free games
  • Various bonus types
  • Confidentiality

Online casino types

You may enjoy playing games in online casinos using two main options: through the web browser and downloading special software on your pc. In most cases, virtual casinos offer two options for you to choose the most convenient. However, there are such casinos that require obvious software installation.

Safety and frauds

All providers that offer online gambling must be responsible for security of player's personal data. Almost all of them do so, but there are always some exceptions to the rule, especially in our times. Cheating may take place both from the side of hackers and casino. In a first case, today's security systems are so highly developed that they do not leave a chance to commit a software crack.

In a second variant, the most common fraudulent behavior of online casino is refusal to pay withdrawals. As usual they withhold the payment of wages in a hope that person will keep playing and loses all money. Such casinos are known as rogue. The problem is not only in behavior but also in fraudulent software that casino uses.

Online casino ratings

First of all, while choosing casino people look at casino ratings. It depends on many factors such as:

  • Software used. Software providers are important form the side of gambling and security. Some providers use qualified programs for site developing, some not.
  • Player's comments.
  • Bonus system
  • Payout percentages
  • Payment systems offered

All online casinos try to do their best to withstand competition. However, from the good casino sites there will be always one or several the best. Before opening an account, test online casino site by playing free games.


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